BS5266: Part 1

Emergency Lighting

Verification Certificate

Declaration of Conformity for New Installations

4.2V1Plans available and correct
8.3.3V2The system has a suitable testing facility
5.2.9V3All escape route signs, safety signs and fire -fighting equipment signs, and other necessary safety signs identified by the Risk Assessment, are visible with the normal lighting extinguished
5V4Luminaires are correctly positioned and correctly orientated as indicated on the system plan
6.7.1V5Luminaires conform to BS 60598-2-22
6.7.1V6Luminaires have an appropriate level of ingress protection for the location in which they are situated
12V7Luminaires have been tested for the full rated duration of the system's design
12V8Under test conditions adequate illumination is provided for safe movement on escape routes and in open areas, operations within high risk task areas, and paths under emergency safety lighting. (Check that light output from luminaires is not being obstructed, i.e. by curtains, fixtures or new partitions, etc., and check that luminaire spacing data has been complied with)
12V9After conducting the test all charge indicators operate correctly
8.2V10The fire protection Of cables on a centrally supplied system is satisfactory
8.2.6V11Emergency circuits correctly segregated from other supplies
10.6-7V12Operation and maintenance instructions and a log book have been provided to the occupier

I, being the competent person responsible for the verification of this emergency lighting system certify that the system's installation complies to the best of knowledge with the recommendations of BS5266 Part I: 2016 and the current editions of BSI 838 and BS50172.

Signature of Competent Person responsible for the verification of the system